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When you know more about your disease, you can use what you’ve learned to talk to your doctor to decide the best treatment options for you and make a treatment plan together.

Through the Patient Gateways, you will be able to learn more about your type of lung cancer and get resources that help guide you through your experience with lung cancer. There are also tools that help you find a specialist and clinical trials, and connect you with other people with your type of lung cancer.

In addition to the resources you will find in these Gateways, LUNGevity offers a wide variety of support services such as LifeLine mentors and community such as Virtual Meetups. Find the full range at

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Up to 1 out of 3 patients with NSCLC
(about 25-30%) have a KRAS mutation.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

About 85% of all lung cancers are non-small cell lung cancer.


ALK-positive lung cancer represents about 4% of lung cancer in NSCLC.


EGFR-positive lung cancer represents about 10-15% of lung cancer in the U.S. and generally appears in NSCLC.

Rare Mutations and Fusions

(ROS1, MET, RET, NTRK, BRAF, others)

Insights into rare mutations in NSCLC may offer information for understanding and treating these types of biomarkers.

Small Cell Lung Cancer

Small cell lung cancer accounts for 15% of all lung cancers.

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