Safely Bring Yoga, Dietary Supplements, Exercise, and More into Your Lung Cancer Journey

Juhi Kunde, Director of Science & Research Marketing
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Read time: 2 minutes

Integrative oncology adds holistic approaches—such as acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness—into a treatment plan. Research shows these interventions can have a tremendous impact on people going through lung cancer treatment and their quality of life. Unfortunately, they are also topics riddled with myths and falsehoods. 

LUNGevity spoke to an expert to help sort out the facts from the fiction. 

In the webinar below, Gabriel Lopez, MD, medical director of the Integrative Medicine Center at MD Anderson Cancer Center, explains how integrative medicine can be safely used by people managing a lung cancer diagnosis.  

You can watch the entire conversation or use the timestamps below to find specific topics.  

This webinar was recorded during LUNGevity’s 2023 International Lung Cancer Survivorship Conference (ILCSC). This annual, free, virtual conference is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest lung cancer information.  

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Introduction to Integrative Medicine: 0:00–9:10 

In this section, Drs. Amy Moore and Gabriel Lopez introduce integrative medicine and explain the differences between alternative, complementary and integrative medicine.   

Incorporating Integrative Medicine into Lung Cancer Care: 9:15–16:25 

Dr. Lopez explains how patients can find integrative oncology programs and how integrative medicine can be included in their lung cancer treatment plan.  

How does Integrative Oncology work?: 16:26–21:50 

Understanding what to expect (and not to expect) from your integrative medicine team is an important part of developing an optimized treatment plan.  

Examples of Integrative Approaches and the Science Behind Them: 21:51–50:15 

Are there studies on the impact of acupuncture in patients with cancer? Yes! This section demonstrates how research into diet supplements, yoga, and more, can help guide your choices during and after lung cancer treatment. 

Q&A: 52:20–68:01 

In this final section, Dr. Amy Moore reads questions submitted by participants and Dr. Lopez clarifies important points about the role of integrative medicine in the cancer treatment journey.  

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